anna karetnikova

»I wanted to be an artist, so I became one.«

Anna Karetnikova, 23, was born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. When she was 5 years old, her family moved to Berlin, where she grew up. Three years ago she moved to Hamburg to study Illustration. Here is a little interview about Anna and her work.

Anna, I really admire your talent. When did you start drawing? Is there a story behind it?
The story is very unspectacular. I just knew my whole life I wanted to be an artist. I wasn't very talented or something, but I had this stubborn will.  My Mom has a cousin. He was sort of an artist, as a kid I admired him so much, he influenced me a lot, because he was the only one in my family who did something with art. I wanted to be an artist, so I became one. It sounds very easy but it actually wasn't. So many fears and doubts, but it's worth it.

Where do you find your inspiration? Is there a particular ilustrator you look up to?
I take my inspiration on a daily basis. I love to draw diaries. A lot of my drawings and illustrations include self portraits or stories about my life. Also I scroll through tumblr and take inspiration for color combinations and illustrations from photos. There are so many beautiful photographs with awesome light, shapes and color. There are also a few illustrators I like a lot. Some of my favorites are: Eleonora Arosio, Nina Cosford, Amy Victoria Marsh and of course Carla Fuentes.

How would you describe your style? Not only in drawing but also in fashion, cooking, lifestyle ...
It's very hard for me to describe my personal style, because my interests are constantly changing. There are so many things out there, which are inspiring and beautiful. I love to try new things, especially because when you study you learn and see so much new stuff, so I want to try a lot.
Currently I want to learn more about digital drawing and how to mix it with analog techniques.
My 'style' is inspired by my interests for example other cultures: I admire the arabic aesthetic from, all the nice beautiful patterns. Everything is very bright, because of the sun. I also love the desert, dunes and rough barren mountains especially in combination with the sea. On the contrary I also love the aesthetic of Northern Europe like Norway and Scotland. I like that it is so green and mystical.

Do you have a favourite season?
I don't have a particularly favorite season. But I do love the beginnings of each season when everything changes. The feeling is very special when suddenly the smell and the feeling on the skin from the wind is different.

Which websites, instagram profiles or blogs do you like to visit on a daily basis?
I like the instagram profiles of the artists I mentioned before and also I like to follow: Anastasia Glebova, Stella Maria Baer and Amelia Giller.

Is there a major wish on your bucketlist?
At some point in my life - when the political situation gets better - I would like to live in St. Petersburg for a few years.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years I'll be 33. I want to be the Co-founder of a successful online magazine called 'ODRADEK'.
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