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A happy illustrator with a little studio at the German Seaside.

It was a hobby. A passion. A nerdy activity while learning maths, french or geography in school. My favorite way to express. A perfect (or sometimes kind of emergency solution) way to create gifts for my whole family or friends – And finally became my profession.

Preveč so mi všeč njeni printi. Njeno delo, v bistvu. Moraš jo spoznati!
Češnjevo roza. Rdeča. Jadransko modra. Mornar. Sadež. Kaktus. List. Predmeti. Narava. Detajli. Uau. To je Anna Katharina Jansen. In nekaj ima zate.

My name is Anna. I'm an illustrator, who first studied Communication Design in Aachen, did several internships, studied abroad in Essen and Penang (Malaysia) to finally find out, that I never ever want to work in the fields of Graphic, Web or Advertising Design. So I added a master in Illustration in Hamburg and a lot of my free time to became what I am now: A happy illustrator with a little studio at the German Seaside.
I would really want my superpower would be scanning and masking my illustration in seconds. And speaking (and understanding!) each and every language (and not telling anybody).

Your talent is something else. When did you start designing?
I guess it's the same answer that mostly every illustrator will give: I'm drawing ever since. It was a hobby. A passion. A nerdy activity while learning maths, french or geography in school. My favorite way to express. A perfect (or sometimes kind of emergency solution) way to create gifts for my whole family or friends – And finally became my profession.

Anna's day:
I absolutely don't have a strict daily routine. Every day is different, full of surprises and a big fight against procrastination.
I wake up very early (for an illustrator) – around 6 or 7 in the morning when my boyfriend leaves for work. Normally the first thing I do after waking up is checking my mails and social network accounts. (The time I need for that depends on the motivation I bring up for the things I need to do afterwards.) Sometimes I'm writing emails nearly the whole day. Sometimes I meet clients or visit the printer. Sometimes I'm giving workshops for kids or adults. Sometimes I'm selling and eating popcorn in a cinema as my side job. And sometimes I can do what I like most: Working on editorial illustrations. In the evening when my boyfriend comes home, we eat together and he normally asks me "Computer or no computer?" which means: "Do you work in the studio or in the living room tonight?" Around 11 or 12 pm we're going to bed. Or at least he is going to bed – Depends on my mood, my time management and level of procrastination during the day.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I admire skandinavian design and illustration. And a lot of illustrators from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, US, UK, Japan – ah, I guess I like illustrators from everywhere. But most of them are not well known – cause the big publishing houses are still very conservative in the field of illustration. I hope there'll be some more experiments in the future.
To name persons I admire for example: Klara Persson, Hanna Konola, Sue Doeksen, Beatrice Cerocchi, Tanja Esch, Mieke Scheier, Kate Pugsley, Jake Hollings, Violetta Lopez, Anna Kövecses, Lieke Vanderhorst, Marcus Oakley, Mark Conlan, Rick Hedof …

Anna likes to listen to:

 -   F A V O U R I T E   4   -

I like light pink or any shades of grey or very light brown – to calm my illustrations down. Cause these colours are easy to combine with any other colour. My least favorite colour is a bright green. Not just in the field of illustration but also in my everyday life. For example I don't like taking pictures of landscapes, when there are trees or grass in it. So probably I better should live in the desert or at the north pole – but I either don't like it too hot or too cold – hard life!

ClevNote – to save every little idea that comes to my mind while I'm on the road. I don't think that it's the best app for notes, but I chose it because of it's icon. (I have a colour coordinated icon system on my phone – freaky me!)

I'm a pretty great cold wimp. So summer is definetly my favourite season. But i like the magic of snow, too. And the  still warm air in autumn. Heavy rain while lying in bed, too. A little bit of everything. So i like living in Germany where you have all the extremes through the year. But if i need to choose one season for the whole year it would be summer. It's so much easier to get up in the morning, when sun is shining!

I have a special portable-non-thermo-pretty-well-designed tea mug, which is only available in Australia. It was on my (tea junkie) wish list for months, but the shipping costs were nearly as high as the mug itself. So my boyfriend ordered it to his family in Ireland, his parents brought it to Germany and he finally gave Frank (the mug) to me as a christmas surprise. That's why I love him. And my boyfriend, too.

And yes - I think it's cool and important to surround yourself with things and people that inspire us. (Maybe also because I have this fancy idea about surrounding yourself with nice objects in your daily life: You don't need to tidy up your apartment so often, cause it's no problem having a mess of nice objects, clothes and devices). But at the same time being surrounded by ugly, strange or bad designed things and people with a different taste in design is a great motivation to keep up with designing cool stuff.

Your dream future would look like ...
First of all  I want to make a living with my illustrations. Now that I started to work as a fulltime freelancing illustrator, I realised how many jobs for newspapers or magazines or websites are not paid at all. You always have to tell the people that illustrator is a job like every other job in the world. That illustrators need to pay rent, buy food and toilet paper, too. And to my surprise it works! Sometimes magazines, who first wanted you to work for free, agree to pay a little amount of money for your work, when you ask for it. Beside this (utopic) wish to have illustrators paid for every job as a matter of course, I'm dreaming of my own studio, where I can work on my illustrations, do workshops with kids and adults, sell my little products and host great summer parties. 

Beside these job dedicated achievements, I want to find a nice place to stay for the next 100 years, I want to never stop travelling and visiting friends, I want to be the coolest parents in the world to the coolest kids on earth,  and to live happily ever after ...

You live in Germany and it is time for summer vacations. What is the coolest thing about your country? What is the best advice to give to anybody who wants to visit Germany?
The coolest thing: Our super easy and not at all complicated tax system for freelancers. – But  joking aside: Actually it's not an easy question for me. I often find myself asking "Why are tourists coming to visit Germany?" While I lived in Malaysia, my friends there went crazy when I told them, that I come from Germany. "Woooow – so cool!" I never understood that reaction. But I guess there must be something. Maybe the nature. The beauty of some cities. German beer. Or Volkswagen? So maybe the best advice I can give to anybody who wants to come to Germany is to ask a Malaysian for the best travel tips. 

Do you have any life or work advice for readers of my blog?
Sleep is the best solution. For everything.

Anna is giving away a lovely little print of hers, a badge and two postcards. If you would like to enter this giveaway just leave a comment under this post or on my instagram account. Make sure to like my facebook page, where the winner will be announced this Sunday afternoon.

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  2. Absolutely lovely. I am in x Anja


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