Hinüber Backpacks

»Great looking backpack. You can use it to pack your stuff and carry it wherever you go 
Stefan Hinueber

Živjo. Jaz sem Klemen in kamorkoli grem, gre z mano tudi ruzak. Na banko, v trgovino ali na vožnjo s kolesom. Povsod. Vseh stvari se, preprosto, ne da več zbasati v preozke kavbojke. V mojem ruzaku, recimo, nikoli na manjkajo očala, beležka, ta črni čigumiji, šop ključev, uboga denarnica, itak, pa še kakšne drobnarije, ki so tam ostale od prej. Kakšne najdbe, ko torbo končno pospraviš. Občutek, ko po razmetanem ruzaku iščeš 50 centov. Ali pa robčke. Ker veš, da so nekje na dnu torbe.

In potem sem bil na lovu. Za novim ruzakom, seveda. Takim, ki bi bil superduper za letošnjo jesen. Enega sem sicer že oddal v izdelavo. Potem pa kar naenkrat - bam! Tale olivno zeleni lepotec. Hinüber mu je ime. Naj ti povem njegovo zgodbo. Govoril sem s Stefanom.


"HINÜBER. It's me, the fashion designer Stefan Hinüber. Already during my fashion design studies in Hamburg I was interested in extravagant items and unique pieces. In addition to unique handbags and accessories I also started creating a women's fragrance. It's my passion to create a wide range of products. My unique pieces were already sold in boutiques from Hamburg to Tokyo. Besides focusing on my own developments I'm also working for brands such as Adidas, Levis, Superdry, Nike, Helly Hansen and Boss to keep my bills paid."


"Backpacks are great because they keep your hands free for important things like holding somebody's hand or giving a hug. Everybody should have a great looking backpack and I try to do my best to give you one."

HINÜBER is definitely not boring and basic. It has a great function and design. It is all about design, best materials and quality craftsmanship. "For me personaly this is what counts when I'm buying products. With my own designs I also follow these rules. I look at every supplier checking for labour standards, quality and sustainability."


HINÜBER is always receiving feedback from people, the customers. "I interact with my customers quite a lot. I often get emails from them telling that they love what I'm doing. But light will never come without shadow. Sometimes they tell me some bits and bobs how to improve. For me this feedback has a great value and a lot of the information will be considered with the next bulk productions. This is how HINÜBER integrates the customer into design process."


"It would be great if HINÜBER becomes a globaly known brand for great backpack design." There is an on-going campaign on KICKSTARTER for the new backpack prototype. Stefan is hoping for the best. Let's all support him and become first adopters of this great new model.

Zdej pa roke gor in pofočkat se pri Stefanu! Jesen gre notr.


Ana, hvala za modeliranje in fotke.

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