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"I think that situations related to love change your life a lot because they make you more mature, they make you grow as a person and they make you learn through the good times, the sad times and the laughs. Without a doubt, love and travel stories have changed my life."

Vodenke in barvice. Mini strički. Veliko mini stričkov. Še en ilustrator, ki sem ga odkril na instagramu. Matías Prado. Še en vzdih in uau. Zato vam predstavljam izvrstnega ilustratorja in grafičnega oblikovalca, ki btw zelo verjame v duhove.

Matías Prado talks life and living ...
I live in Santiago, Chile and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I work independently from my studio which is situated in the Providencia area of Santiago. I also work with different brands and magazines and my work is mainly related to the observation of people in everyday places.

I lead watercolour workshops, under the concept of "micro illustrations" and "illustrative watercolour", and have led these recently in both Chile and Spain.

In 2015, along with Lourdes Salgado (a visual artist), we created a space called La Fabril, which was an exhibition and a place where different illustrators could share their workshops.

Matías Prado talks his talent and beginngs ... 
Since a young age, I have always drawn. I went to a school dedicated to art but I wasn't there for long because my parents moved me to a school which was closer to our house. As a result, I was drawing less and less, therefore, I decided to study graphic design because I thought that with graphic design I would start drawing more again. Of course it helped to recover what I had liked as a child, but I wasn't really drawing as much as I would have liked.

When I started working in agencies I hardly drew at all, apart from the day a client asked for an illustration. From that day on I realised I was no longer enjoying the job I was in.

I decided to quit and go to London for a few months. This really helped my creativity, in terms of my drawings, and it was an opportunity to meet artists and buy new materials. It was a great trip which changed my life. When I got back to Chile I decided to establish my own skating brand, SAVES. However, I still felt that there was a lot I needed to learn about illustration so I started studying and actually I graduated a month ago. I took my illustration degree very seriously because I had finally found something that I had always wanted to do. I started to illustrate, professionally, three years ago. 

Matías Prado talks inspiration ...  
My inspiration is in the places where I am. This greatly affects my drawings because things change so much which can be good at times, but not so good at others. It means I must work quickly to finish my ideas because if something ends or change places then it is no longer the same drawing.

I am very observant. I don't do a lot of sketches, but instead I like to write down my ideas or record videos so that I don't forget them. I really liking people watching, being in the city, walking and looking around. It's a weird feeling because I like the chaos, but not being in amongst it. I love being relaxed in my studio and imagining things.

I really admire the work of Velázquez, Goya and Miro. Classical art and great painters really fascinate me so every now and then I like to look at that work. Then I stop looking at that type of art and start looking at photographs, filmmaking, sculptors, illustrators, designers etc.
I like to look back into the past to understand a little bit more about what is happening in the present.

I really like using Instagram because I find many interesting accounts to follow. I like looking at the Instagram accounts of museums and art galleries.

Matías Prado talks his (life)style ... 
It's difficult because I usually change quite a lot. I like the "modern" look mixed with classic or antique elements. I have quite a neat and tidy style, from the clothes I wear to the way I cook. Sometimes I can be quite manic because I like everything to be almost perfect. This is a very critical style which I have about myself.

Matías Prado talks seasons ... 
I like spring because of the colours and the change in the temperatures, from cold to hot. I like the clothes that you can wear during those months.

Matías Prado talks his dailyroutine ... 
I'm quite strict with myself, and as a result, often everything seems to take its toll on me. I wake up very early everyday, I workout, have breakfast and then I go to work in my studio. I make my own working hours because I want to be disciplined in order to complete everything that I need to do. Normally I get to my studio at around 10am and I arrive home in the evening at 8:30pm. At first when I get home I like to play with my dog to distract myself, then I spend some time with my boyfriend and we eat something together. This is my daily routine.

Matías Prado talks plans ... 
I try not to plan so far ahead. It's weird but I find it difficult to imagine myself in 10 years from now. I'm very young in terms of my thoughts and it worries me that one day I might lose the feeling of being able to play. I would love to stay in this stage of my life that I'm enjoying at the moment. I really like working and having a "peaceful" life.

Matías Prado has an advice for you ... 
I think that it is very important to be disciplined, consistent and to work a lot in order to have a good job, have fun, laugh and get angry.

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